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Changelog v1.0

Hier das Changelog der Version v1.0 der DHL Shipping App für Shopify.

Version v1.0 vom 28.11.2020#

All327move nameToUse from account to generalSettings
All317General Setting on Dashboard
All334Add logic to use standard package
All328add defaultPackage to generalSettings
All337packageWeight default fix
All338standard package weight display
All360label sorting fix
All353Update Cypress to newest version
All362pipeline fix
All356[Fulfilment] - create manual testing
All361Manual Fulfillment Process
All371Weight issues
All404[Label creation] weight overwrite not working
All429bulk label creation check for credentials issue
DPI329airwaybill add createdAt
DPI277Rename airwayBillId to _id - like in Labels
eCS Asia403[eCS] set Label Template for DHL api
eCS Asia379[eCS Asia] XBoder shipments AU
eCS Asia381[eCS Asia] XBoder shipments SG
eCS Asia378[eCS Asia] XBoder shipments HK
eCS Asia321e2e for creating and deleting eCommerceAsia label in Vietnam
eCS Asia143[eCommerceAsia] - Handover Note
eCS Asia274eCommerce Asia - domestic - Create Single Label for Malaysia
eCS Asia282eCommerce Asia - xborder - Create Single Label for Malaysia
eCS Asia281eCommerce Asia - domestic - Create Single Label for Thailand
eCS Asia341Tests and fixes for ecommerce asia label creation
eCS Asia336HandoverNote finalize page
eCS Asia344HandoverNote API fixes
eCS Asia357[eCommerceAsia] VN - Edit Account
eCS Asia364[eCS Asia] Insurance + OpenBox default option - EditAccount
eCS Asia359[eCommerceAsia] Product Code filtering
eCS Asia367[eCS Asia] HandoverMethod setting
eCS Asia365[eCS Asia] Insurance + OpenBox createLabel page
eCS Asia368[eCS Asia] PPOD
eCS Asia382[eCS Asia] PPOD does not "prefill" defaults
eCS Asia369[eCS Asia] XBoder shipments MY
eCS Asia366[Multi-Piece] for eCS
eCS Asia386[eCS] handoverMethod values are not sent to API
eCS Asia390[eCS Asia] XBorder shipment tests VN and TH
eCS Asia384[eCS Asia] XBorder shipment tests
eCS Asia335HandoverNote list
eCS Asia338[eCS] Multi-piece - pieces description missing
eCS Asia389[eCS] PPOD special addon pdf not visible
eCS Asia387[eCS] Multi-piece has issues with weight
eCS Asia363[eCommerceAsia] Product Code mapping generator
eCS Asia401[eCS Asia] Handover Note shows domestic shipments
eCS Asia402[eCS] warning info CountryOfOrigin
eCS Asia409[eCS Asia] CN-D05 There is no field to input content export description, suppose to be found on product page
eCS Asia397[eCS Asia] recheck of tests
eCS Asia405[eCS Asia] CN-D06 User should be able to select inco terms
eCS Asia399[eCS Asia] Add Prefix field in account edit
eCS Asia406[eCS Asia] CN-D03 / CN-D07 - Issues with the product mappings
eCS Asia400[eCS Asia] Use Prefix field in label creation
eCS Asia411[eCS Asia] MY-D01 - Vas PPOD sent but product does not support it
eCS Asia410[eCS Asia] SG-D05 Handover note file name
eCS Asia392[eCS] Label Template format Setting
Paket322Add paket validation call, when adding participation
Paket330[Paket] Label with included return label - EditAccount
Paket332[Paket] Label with included return label - Create Bulk Label page
Paket331[Paket] Label with included return label - Create Single Label page
Paket339Return label script
Paket340returnSendingLocation setting
Paket307[OrderStatus] use carrierService Info
Paket342shipment state update
Paket352modify the shipment state update
Paket343returns API hardcoded test call
Paket376[Paket] Implement Retoure
Paket377[Paket] Button for return Label creation
Paket417fix bulk-label creation issues [MASTER]